Why Am I Sick?


gutsBelieve it or not, your immune system starts in your gut. We all have a layer of bacteria lining our intestines called flora. These bacteria are necessary for good health. Prescription drugs, foods we eat, parasites and environmental toxins can change the gut flora and create the opportunity for people who are all ready predisposed to problems to develop them. Every individual is different. A problem in flora in one person may manifest in an auto immune disorder, in another, mental disorders or arthritis or intestinal problems. Dysbiosis, or damaged flora is actually handed down from one generation to another. A grandmother has mild digestive problems and dysbiosis. She passes her abnormal gut flora to her daughter at birth. Infants swallow amniotic fluid which has the flora from the mother and is thus instilled in the baby. Grandmother opts ont to breastfeed, which surely would have helped the problem, but her generation did not put a lot of importance on breast feeding. The daughter grows up suffering from indigestion, gut problems, headaches, allergies, menstrual problems, all related to her inherited dysbiosis.

The daughter goes to the doctor with her problems, who treats her with prescription drugs. In addition, she goes through many courses of antibiotics which make her underlying flora problem worse. The daughter now has severe gut problems resulting in more digestive problems as well as immune system weakness. These cause allergic problems like asthma, eczema, multiple infections, and emotional problems. She has her own daughter and passes on more serious gut dysbiosis. As a result, the granddaughter may suffer from serious digestive problems, leaning problems, menstrual problems, allergic-to -everything problems, emotional problems, and even autism.

The beneficial bacteria can no longer protect the gut from microbes like viruses and fungi, and altered strains of bacteria. This is, unfortunately, the normal gut for many Americans. All of these people seek medical help for every one of their problems and diseases caused by dysbiosis. This almost always results in more prescriptions that are damaging to the gut, making th eproblem worse and worse. How does this all start and how do you cure it? See the next blog, “What Causes Gut Dysbiosis?”

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Christine works with people who are tired of not feeling their best, who are ready for a change and want to achieve optimal health. Christine uses the unique combination of being a psychotherapist and a nutritionist to bring health and wellness into her clients' lives holistically. She utilizes the principles of The Vital Health Formula™, modern assessment techniques, and the latest research from science, spirituality and psychology to create breakthrough systems that result in her clients' success.

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    Regards, Nees

    • The antecedents to psoriasis are digestive problems. Add some hydrochloric acid and look for food allergies and the psoriasis should clear up.

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