New Year, New You: Detox & Purification

detoxAre you dreading making New Year’s Resolutions? 

Do you seem to be making the same one year after year?  Get fit, eat healthier, lose weight…

Well, you’re not alone.  Many people find themselves in the same place year after year.

There is a formula to successful weight loss and good health, but it seems to be a huge secret that trainers and coaches only give to their clients who pay big money to get the truth.  Well, this talk will lay out all the factors you need to be successful and you will see from the testimonials we have received that when you put these factors into use, they work!

The key to weight loss and long term health is hormonal balance and getting rid of toxins that are stored in your body.

In this talk, we will tell you about a 21 Day Purification & Weight Loss Program that CAN Transform Your Life!

Do You Want to Feel Healthier, Lose Weight & Have More Energy?

Join us for this complimentary event to learn about purification for optimal health and weight loss benefits.

Saturday, December 27th at 10 am

Did you know your body collects junk? It collects junk which includes pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, caffeine, pollution, preservatives and more. When overloaded, your body becomes inefficient and like a furnace with a clogged filter, it collects toxins. If toxins aren’t eliminated your well-being is compromised.

The 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Program is a unique program designed to assist in combating and preventing disease and to help you achieve increased vitality, weight reduction, improved digestion, clearer thinking, removal of food addictions, allergies, clearer skin, shinier hair, less bloating, improved elimination, deeper-healthier sleep, and a general sense of well being.

  • How Toxins Can and Do Effect Everyone: Physiology of Detoxification
  • Maximizing Weight Loss and Prevention of Disease
  • Approach to Lowering Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
  • Why allergies = Liver Dysfunction
  • Preparing for the Purification Program: Grocery Lists and Recipes, etc.
  • Daily Email Support Program; Personal Guide with Tips & Recipes
  • How to Handle Issues that May Arise During any Cleanse Process
  • Post-Purification Program-How to Correctly Come off the Program; What to Expect And…How to determine Food Allergies!!!

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Testimonial:  “Christine, all my previous bloating and gas has gone away, I have lost 10 pounds, I sleep better and my cholesterol went down 80 points.  My blood sugar is normal, I have more energy, my skin cleared up and the pain in my joints has gone away.  I can’t believe this was all caused by the way I was eating- and I thought I was eating pretty healthy!”  Sasha C.

Testimonial:  “I am so happy I can fit into my clothes again! And to think it only took 21 days to lose the weight I had been trying to lose for over a year!  I love walking into my closet and seeing all the clothes I can now wear!”  Martha O.

Testimonial:  ” I am so happy to have found a way to eat for life.  Never again do I have to worry about gaining and losing weight.  I have control!”  Alica M.


Saturday, December 27th, 10 am and Saturday, January 10th, 10 am
SPEAKER: Christine Alejandro
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