Kick The Sugar Habit

Kick the Sugar Habit

Kick the Sugar Habit

Kick The Sugar Habit: Why You Should, How To Do It!

This is an informative talk discussing the effects of sugar on the body and it’s involvement in blood sugar, the adrenals and the thyroid gland, not to mention the brain, mood, energy, sex hormones and much more!


Of course you know we are in an obesity and diabetes epidemic, but do you know what got us here and how it is affecting our cultural health? Maybe you have diabetes or maybe you’re pre-diabetic or maybe you know and love someone who is! American has achieved being 35% overweight in every state and now our children are following suit!  And how did we do that?  Attend this talk or encourage your loved ones to attend this talk and give yourself the hope, motivation and support to change your life!

We will explain who we are and what we do and show you the difference between Allopathic or Conventional healthcare, Functional or Natural healthcare and Transformational healthcare.

We will show you examples of people who have changed their health for the better, even in their 50’s,60’s, 70’s and even 80’s and show you how you can too! Now is the time to

Reclaim your VITALITY!

This talk is about Glycemic Management or blood sugar.  We will explain what blood sugar and Hemoglobin A1C is and how so many people in this country came to have high blood sugar and that it is not all your fault, as you may believe or may have been told!  You will undoubtedly want to know how to find out what your Hemoglobin A1c is and we will tell you how to find out (and it only costs $20 in our office!)  Will will also provide a little quiz so that you can find out if you may have a problem with sugar for free!

Register for this talk in the column to the right and we will send you information on how you can access this talk on Wednesday, January 11 at 8 pm.  The talk will last approximately 60 minutes and we have put together a special offer and some bonuses for you!  (You won’t HAVE to buy anything, the talk itself is very informative and full of content that will change the way you think!)  But if you want to get started changing your life for the better after hearing the information in this talk, we will be happy to show you how!

We will discuss some of the consequences of high blood sugar and share recent research with you about:

  • Measuring how susceptible you are to food cues in your environment,
  • How refined foods (flour and sugar) become addictive,
  • The myth of will power (don’t rely on will power after this- and you’ll know why and what to do instead!)
  • Why sex hormones are so low and everybody needs Viagara in this day and age!
  • The connection to fertility problems.
  • Why are so many people on T3 and T4 therapy and beta blockers,
  • Why are so many people on acid blockers,
  • And what about the increase of rates of Alzheimer’s disease?  What does that have to do with glycemic levels? (I promise this will get your attention!)

The Secret:  Insulin is the pivot!  You can change and pivot insulin and you don’t have to be on all these medications!

How do you pivot insulin?

We will talk about popular and the most effective nutrition plans (diets).  We will show you our step by step plan for helping people bring their sugar levels down, lose weight and regain their vitality.

This Could Be You!

This Could Be You!

Here is the magic formula for success…

Knowledge + Application = Results

That may look and sound simple, but the devil is in the details!  We all have knowledge.  Yes, there is a lot of misinformation out there, but we all know we have to eat less calories than what we burn in a day, but that is deceptive too, because in this talk, you will learn that hormones are stronger than diet and exercise and as long as insulin and blood sugar are high, you won’t lose weight!

The real problem is in the application of the knowledge. 

So, we will look at why we can’t apply the knowledge we have.  The reasons are varied and include all the research we are going to cover; that some of us are susceptible to food cues, that some of us are addictable to flour and sugar, that our hormones are out of whack and our receptor sites are down-regulated,


  • we have emotional associations to food we need to uncover,
  • we may not have had close guidance and support in our journey,
  • we may believe it is God’s will that we are overweight and sick or other self-defeating beliefs.

We will look at the theory of split brains.  Have you ever decided you were going to go on a diet the next day only to go right off it later the next day and then beat yourself up saying things like, “You are so weak, You have no will power, You are despicable because you can’t control yourself!”  Ouch!  Well, we are going to look at that too!  All of those things can be underlying reasons why you haven’t been as successful as you would like to be in being healthy.

I will also show you the five factors you must have in place to be successful and maybe you will be able to identify one or two that you didn’t have in your last attempt at a health kick.  If you ever felt confused, anxious, resistant, frustrated or like it isn’t working while on a diet or health plan- you were missing one of these factors!

Finally, I will have an offer for you if you want to move forward with changing and making yourself the best version of yourself in 2017!


We will have a $50 discount on our offer so more people can participate and we will have 2 bonuses- so stay tuned all the way to the end of the talk so you can take advantage of the offer!

All you need to do is register for this talk in the column to the right and we will send you information on how you can access this talk on Wednesday, January 11 at 8 pm.

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