Hormonal Harmony For Men & Women: Vitality through All The Seasons of Life

November’s Natural Healing Academy course offering:

Hormonal Harmony for Men & Women:

Vitality through All the Seasons of Life

Presented By Christine Alejandro


Tuesday, November 26, 2013 Virtual Course

12:00 noon- 1pm–Central Standard Time

This complimentary course, “Hormonal Harmony for Men & Women: Vitality through All the Seasons of Life” is a course in the Natural Healing Academy curriculum offered by Healthy Life Solutions. Register to reserve your seat and listen in the comfort of your home or office during your lunch break.

HORMONAL HARMONY FOR MEN & WOMEN:  Vitality through All the Seasons of Life

Hormonal balance is essential for good health and immunity. Hormones have a profound effect on your everyday health and well-being. Their role is very important in the efficiency of our immune system and other vital bodily functions. Hormonal imbalance can be seen in both men and women and as we age, we may encounter a decrease in energy levels, unwanted weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased sex drives, and even memory loss.

Turn back the clock for you and your loved ones! Join us to learn about…

  • Systems Survey: Determine Hormone Issues
  • The Role of Food in Healthy Hormones
  • The Gifts of Good Fats on Hormonal Balance
  • Estrogen Dominance & Insulin Resistance
  • How to Support Women in All Phases of  Life
  • Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Common Hormonal Imbalances in Men: Low Testosterone, Erectile Dysfunction & Prostate Problems

Location: On your computer, or over your phone!–Once you register, you will get all the details on how to join in!

Time: 12:00pm to 1pm CST

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