Beyond Sports Nutrition


This class is for all types of athletes from the professional level to weekend warriors.  Attend this free online class to learn:

  • How to increase resilience, stamina & endurance.
  • Supplements & herbs specific for athletes to perform at their best and to heal from injury.
  • Do NSAIDS help or hurt: the latest cutting- edge research.
  • Tracing, the ability to relate chronic musculo-skeletal pain to organs or systems of the body for deeper healing.
  • Which diet is best for athletes?
  • Can acupuncture help injury?

This is a brief one-hour talk designed to introduce the listener to the many natural modalities that can help support the athlete, whether you consider yourself to be a high school/college athlete, professional or ex-professional athlete, weekend warrior or an senior or aging athlete.

We will also cover dietary suggestions for athletes, research on  prolonged ketosis & exercise performance and how athletes can protect their mitochondria (the energy warehouses of the body).

Sign up in the boxes on this page and we will send you instructions on how to join the free class from the comfort of your own home.

If you suffer from pain, chronic or acute, you will be interested to stay on the call until the end in order to receive a special offer to consult and receive a special type of acupuncture treatment that was developed for healthcare professionals using, not Chinese meridians and points, but anatomical points related to actual nerves within the body resulting in a much more effective treatment for pain and injury.  And if you don’t like needles, we will be making a special discount offer on Boswelia Complex for listeners on the call.

Your next step is to register for this class by filling in the boxes on this page!  You will soon receive an email from WebEx, the platform we will be using to broadcast this free class.

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