Health and the Mind-Body Connection

“Your body, which is bonding millions of molecules every second, depends on transformation. Breathing and digestion harness transformation. Food and air aren’t just shuffled about but, rather, undergo the exact chemical bonding needed to keep you alive. The sugar extracted … Continue reading

Sugar Addiction: Get Off the Roller Coaster!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, — October is the beginning of the holidays…which means that sugar is EVERYWHERE for the next three months!“It seems like every time I study an illness and trace a path back to its first cause, I find my … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Lose This Weight? Part 2

In Part 1- Why Can’t I Lose This Weight?, we covered what happens when there is excess insulin in the blood stream; it causes sugar cravings, it causes reactive hypoglycemia and it keeps you from losing weight. Here is Part … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Lose This Weight? Part 1

  Blood sugar regulation is so important because when it is dys-regulated, it starts the vicious cycle of chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone imbalance, weight gain and the inability to lose weight, mood swings, hypoglycemia,hyperglycemia, high triglycerides and those ever present … Continue reading