Success Factor #2- Skills

Americans spend over $40 billion a year on dieting, yet, as we all know, over 70% of Americans are overweight.  Diet companies, such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc., study this change paradigm we are talking about and do their best to build these five factors into their programs so that their participants will be successful and charge you a lot of money.  Here you are receiving the information that you can put into place on your own.  At the end of this series of blogs, you will know what you need to put into place to be successful and why you may have failed in earlier efforts to lose weight and be healthier.

skills 2SKILLS is the second factor in this five factor paradigm that we have been discussing for permanent weight loss and optimal health.  Having the right VISION was the first factor addressed in the last blog. Without the right VISION, a person will feel confused and ultimately fail in their efforts.  Without the right SKILLS in place, a person will feel anxiety and will ultimately fail in their efforts.  So what are the right SKILLS and how do you get them?

Some of the SKILLS you need are:

1. Know what to eat for effective weight loss and optimal health.

2. Know how to exercise to effectively burn fat and build lean body mass.

3. Know if you have food allergies that are causing you to hold on to body fat.

4. Know if you have hormonal imbalances that cause your body to hold on to fat.

5. Set up and participate in an accountability program so that you will stay the course.

You may all ready have some of these skills sets, others you may have to learn.  There is plenty of information on the internet, in published books or you can continue to follow this blog for the information.  Just be sure the information is correct, follows a healthy path and is not some fad diet that will hurt you in the long run.  I will address each of these skills briefly here.

skills1. Know what to eat for effective weight loss and optimal health.

In this SKILLS section we are talking about knowledge and understanding.  Later, we will address RESOURCES where we will discuss tracking programs where you put that knowledge into place.  As far as knowing what to eat, you have to make yourself knowledgeable about what is a protein, a carbohydrate, and a fat.  Further, you have to break down the carbohydrates into simple and complex and have a little knowledge of sugars and the glycemic index.  With that amount of information, you will be ahead of the game.  Next, you want to plan your meals and snacks to be roughly 40% carbohydrates (the more complex the better and the lower on the glycemic index the better), 30% protein and 30% fat.  And the big takeaway from this section is you want to keep your total carbohydrate intake between 60-75 grams per day!  (You will learn how to track that in the RESOURCES section coming later.)

2. Know how to exercise to effectively burn fat and build lean body mass.

The right type of exercise to burn fat and build lean body mass is called burst or high intensity interval training.  This type of activity aids in playing down the hormones that create fat storage and allows the hormones that burn fat to come out and do their job.  Their job, stated very simply, is to break the fat out of the body tissue and put it into the blood stream to be burnt as fuel.  So it is of utmost importance that this type of exercise be followed with steady state cardio in order to burn the fat.  If you don’t follow the burst type exercise with the steady state cardio, the fat will circulate in the bloodstream and go back right where it came from.  Here’s how you do it.  Determine the amount of effort you put forth when you exercise and assign a scale of 1-5 in intensity to it.  Everyone’s level 5 will be different.  My level 5 is different from my 90 year old aunt’s level 5, but nonetheless, you should be breathing hard after finishing a level 5 round.  You should warm up for 5 minutes, hit your level 5 for 30 seconds, then drop down to your level 1 for 30 seconds, then go back up to your level 5 for 30 seconds, then drop down to your level one for 30 seconds- continue in that manner for 5-10 rounds.  Then you cool down at a level 1 for five minutes.  Lastly, you follow-up with your level 2-3 intensity (this is the steady state cardio) for 15-20 minutes to burn the fat you just busted out into the bloodstream.  The reason I want you to know this formula is so that you don’t waist your time being ineffective during your exercise time.  You will also be increasing your fitness by following this formula.

3. Know if you have food allergies that are causing you to hold on to body fat.

The gold standard for finding out if your have food allergies is to do an elimination diet, taking all the suspected foods (wheat, dairy, corn, soy) out of the diet for a certain period (2 weeks minimum) and then re-introducing those foods back into your diet one at a time and watching for reactions.  Food sensitivities can cause symptoms as diverse as skin rashes, runny nose, headaches, joint pain, emotional instability and stubborn weight loss.  My son is 35 and is in good shape, has always worked out and finally after talking to him about food sensitivities forever, he decided to give up wheat and dairy.  He lost 9 pounds in three weeks!  So, it does make a huge difference in people who are sensitive.

4. Know if you have hormonal imbalances that cause your body to hold on to fat.

Hormonal imbalances can cause mood swings, low libido, fatigue, hot flashes, facial hair, nipple hair, hair growing up towards belly button, skin crawling sensations and many other symptoms. Most people who have stubborn belly fat have hormonal imbalances.  Insulin and estrogen are two hormones that give a signal to the body to store fat and when those are out of balance in the body, no matter what you do to lose weight, the scale will not budge!

5. Set up and participate in an accountability program so that you will stay the course.

Again, in the RESOURCES section, we will discuss accountability programs you can use, however, the skill is in choosing one that fits your needs and actively participating in it.  I have set up private Facebook groups before where only 10% of the group would actively participate.  Research shows an individual is more successful when they have a person or group to participate with them (an exercise buddy, for example) someone to show their results to and a place to ask for and receive feedback.

Please feel free to leave a comment or any questions you may have in the comments section below.  In the next blog we will discuss Factor #3 INCENTIVES.

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Christine works with people who are tired of not feeling their best, who are ready for a change and want to achieve optimal health. Christine uses the unique combination of being a psychotherapist and a nutritionist to bring health and wellness into her clients' lives holistically. She utilizes the principles of The Vital Health Formula™, modern assessment techniques, and the latest research from science, spirituality and psychology to create breakthrough systems that result in her clients' success.

6 thoughts on “Success Factor #2- Skills

  1. I could not agree more with the tips you share here today. Back in 2009 I was sick, had no energy and was 6 pant sizes bigger. Nothing I did worked! Then I learned I had 33 food allergies AND hormone issues. Learning how to shop and cook while eliminating 33 food types was a challenge, but I’m so glad that I did. I have my life back as a result.
    Stephanie Calahan recently posted…Boost Your Visibility and Site Traffic with a Gravatar – How to Get Your Picture To Show in Blog CommentsMy Profile

    • So you know the four I mentioned (wheat,corn,soy,dairy) can be the tip of the iceberg, but it is a place to start. What a testament to the fact that food allergies or sensitivities and hormones can play such a huge role in a persons weight. It also plays a big part in their personality. Before I found my food allergies there were parts of my personality I thought were inherent in me that I didn’t like very much. After getting off my food allergies, those nasty parts of my personality smoothed out and serve me much better now. And even though it can be a daunting task, it does give people hope because many people come in to see me in a state of depression and self-loathing or they think they are out of control, going crazy, etc. and it can be a combination of food allergies and hormones that can be easily fixed. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Do you recommend doing the elimination diet by yourself or after being tested my an allergy doctor? I read SOMEWHERE that most people can’t do an elimination diet test by themselves since they don’t eliminate the RIGHT things and/or don’t add them back correctly.

    Wouldn’t being tested for food allergies be easier?

    I don’t have any food allergies, personally, but I DO have massive things-that-grow (native trees, grasses, weeds, flowers, etc) allergies. Without being tested there’s no way I could have known what was causing my symptoms.
    Kimberly Eldredge recently posted…Naming the BabyMy Profile

    • Food allergies and air borne allergies are two different things, however the testing for either can return false positives and false negatives. The elimination diet is for food allergies or more aptly food sensitivities. Anyone who is tuned into their bodies can do it and watch for symptoms after the re-introduction of a specific suspected food, but you need to know what to watch for. Symptoms can be anything from a runny nose or rash that would develop right away to mood swings, back ache or joint pain which might take 2-3 days to develop. Of all the food elimination diets on the market, I like the one put out by Standard Process. You can find that one only through a health care professional, so you would be doing it under the supervision of a health care professional. You can find someone in your area by going to the Standard Process website and putting in your zip code. Unlike the off-the-shelf “detox pills”- their program uses whole food based supplements made from organically grown ingredients to provide your body with high-quality nutrients. Many products sold today are marketed as detoxification programs when in fact they are simple a colon cleanse. This program enhances the removal of toxins in your fat cells. It is a total body cleanse vs. just a colon cleanse and eliminates all the foods that could possibly cause any kind of sensitivity. Then you selectively add back in the suspect foods one at a time and watch for those symptoms mentioned above.

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