Keynote Speeches and Presentations by Christine Alejandro

Known as the “Queen of Living Healthfully Ever After”, Christine is a sought after speaker in the realm of health and wellness. If you or the individuals in your group don’t know where to turn, have no answers and feel like they have no control over their life, let Christine inspire them with a content rich presentation that will give them hope. Christine has blended the latest discoveries in science, spirituality and psychology to create breakthrough systems so they can reach their healthiest potential in all areas of their lives.

Christine AlejandroChristine is gifted at explaining the answers to, “Why is this happening to me, why now, and what can I do about it?” Christine is an inspirational, insightful, engaging and instructive speaker. She empowers individuals to understand that the power to heal lies within. She gives people right-on-the-spot tools that they can begin using to up level their health immediately and that will serve them for a lifetime.

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    • Alternative Universes: We Know What To Do To Be Healthy, Why Don’t We Do It?
    • Eye of Newt & Dragon Toenails: What’s Really Good to Eat?
    • Magic Potions & Pills: The Truth about Supplements
    • Click Your Ruby Slippers & Heal Through Exercise
    • Brain Stew: The Latest Science on Stress
    • Witches To Queens: Women’s Health
    • From Frog to Prince Charming: Men’s Health
    • Candy Land: Managing Diabetes
    • Fairy Tales, Princesses and Pregnancy
    • Poison Apples & Antidotes: The Benefits of Cellular Purification

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