Secret Treatment of the Month for Arthritis

 Arthritis Pain Gone

Arthritis Pain Gone

SECRET TREATMENT OF THE MONTH (Excerpted from Health Alert, April 2016, Volume 33, Issue 4 by Dr. Bruce West)
“The standard for medicine has been, and still is, Merck’s Manual.  This book is the bible regarding disease and drug therapy.  Way back in the fourth edition, the two compounds ammonium chloride and calcium chloride were discussed as treatment for disease.  The two substances served basically as acidifiers (they counteracted an over-alkaline body), and they were listed in Merck’s Manual as being effective in the treatment of the following conditions:  bronchial conditions, liver congestion, pelvic disorders, rheumatism, glandular enlargement, hemorrhage, endometriosis, nosebleed, tetanus, muscle spasms, hay fever, asthma, arthritis, convulsions, eczema.”        Health Alert, Vol. 4, No. 2
Dr. West wrote that nearly 30 years ago.  It is still true today, especially for arthritis sufferers, as it was true when first published in Merck’s Manual.  People who are chronically constipated suffer much higher rates of arthritis.  Constipation creates much higher levels of guanidine in the body.  Guanidine is the most alkaline substance in the body.  When the body becomes too alkaline, calcium can accumulate in the joints, causing arthritis.
Many people get relief from their arthritis (and their constipation) when they use a folk remedy like apple cider vinegar.  The vinegar relieves the alkalinity, acidifies the stomach for better digestion, improves bowel movements and lowers guanidine levels.  For the same reasons, if you chronically take antacids, you are making yourself permanently ill, and you are feeding the constipation-arthritis problem.
Many decades ago two nutritional scientists were putting forth profound information on the constipation-arthritis problem.  They were Dr. D. C. Jarvis, author of the book, Folk Medicine, and Dr. Royal Lee, dentist, inventor, engineer and founder of Standard Process.  Both discussed the importance of not allowing your body to become too alkaline, lest you become constipated and arthritic.  This is ironic today when there are millions of constipated and arthritic people in chronic pain, because all manner of experts have been telling everyone they need to become more alkaline by using their alkalinizing products.
Find Balance

Find Balance

You will not feel well if you become too alkaline.  You will become arthritic, constipated and allergic, with muscle cramps, twitching, neuritis, eczema and more.  And if you eat the standard American diet you will further encourage constipation and guanidine overload, which will slowly but surely cause chronic fatigue, arthritis, pain, exhaustion, and more.

If this is you, you will need to test acid therapy on yourself.  At its simplest form, you can try taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water with each meal.  The acetic acid in vinegar is an organic acid that can correct systemic alkalosis.  It does this by reacting with guanidine and transforming it into harmless creatine.  Be sure to get organic apple cider vinegar- it is the most effective.  If vinegar helps, but is not strong enough, you will have to take 2-3 Zypan tablets per meal.  This will accomplish the same thing but is more powerful.  Both apple cider vinegar and Zypan (from Standard Process) can help you with weight loss but you will begin to get relief from aches, pains, and arthritis if they are caused by constipation, guanidine and alkalosis.  And best yet, both treatments are helpful to diabetics as they encourage normal blood sugar control.

A Thyroid Connection?



If you have a sluggish thyroid, you need to encourage better thyroid function to overcome constipation and arthritis.  Generally speaking, two products from Standard Process will help you encourage better thyroid function.  The are Thytrophin (3 daily) and Cataplex F (3-6 daily).  Thytrophin is a thyroid gland extract, and Cataplex F is omega-3 saturated fatty acids combined with liver and iodine.  If you are allergic to iodine you will not be able to use Cataplex F.  In this rare instance you can use Linum B6 (3-6 daily).  Allow 4-6 months for better thyroid function.

If you discover acid therapy to be helpful during the time you are encouraging better thyroid function, you will bet better indeed.  You will balance out your acid/alkaline systems, encourat34 better digestion and vowel function, lower your guanidine levels, and enjoy better calcium metabolism with less arthritis.  At the same time, your entire system will improve as alkalosis diminishes.

Alkalosis/Sluggish Thyroid Protocol

  • Apple Cider Vinegar; 2 Tbsp in water with meals
  • Zypan; 1-3 per meal
  • Thytrophin; 3 daily
  • Cataplex F; 3-6 daily

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