One of the questions I get the most often as a nutritionist is, “What can I eat that I know is healthy and good for me?” Listen to the video below if you’d like to hear more about this.

There is a lot of misinformation, advertising and propagandizing out there.  News reports say something is good for you one week and come out with a new report the next week saying it is unhealthy. Food marketers label a food product as enriched, fortified, vitamins added to make you think it is healthy when in reality it is nothing more than stripped down refined and over processed non- food.  No wonder people are confused!

In addition to that, people have grown up eating certain foods that they like and believe are good for them when they may be operating from myths or old wives tales or just plain misinformation such as saturated fat causes heart disease and should be avoided at all costs. Yes, I said that was misinformation, saturated fat does not cause heart disease. If you want to know more, you can learn about that in my E-zine, “Living Healthfully Ever After™” which I will tell you how to get for free at the end of this video.

If you look for the healthiest people in the world, you find them in pockets all over the world; from the Pyrenees Mountains to Japan to Italy, California, Costa Rica to Greece and many other places.

All of these cultures eat what is called a “traditional diet”.  These traditional diets differ; some may subsist on food primarily from the sea, while others eat mostly meat and dairy and still others subsist on a primarily plant based diet.  However when you look a little deeper at what these healthy, long living, energetic, hardy, happy people eat, even though their diets may be varied, you will find there are commonalities in the nutritional makeup of the traditional foods they eat.

You further find that whenever refined and over processed foods have been introduced to one of these traditional cultures anywhere in the world, that culture’s health has declined drastically, usually within one generation. With changes in the facial structure and health of the teeth and gums, birth defects, digestive disorders and others. The health of each subsequent generation declines even more to the point of including serious diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, nerve conditions, diabetes and cancer.

That’s why here at Healthy Life Solutions; one of the legs of the nutrition table that we promote is eating as close to what would be considered a traditional diet as possible.  What do you mean by traditional foods?  What are some of the things these traditional diets had in common?  Every one of them went to great lengths to procure and eat some form of animal protein.  They also all ate strictly whole, non-processed, non-refined real foods, close to nature foods, intact foods; real whole foods.

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