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Are you interested in saving on rising health care costs?

Do you want to reduce workers’ comp insurance premiums?

Have you ever wondered how to reduce employee attrition?

If your company is interested in:

  • reducing employee days missed
  • reducing employee days on modified work programs
  • having an education program in place to impact the chronic disease status of employees in your company and your community at large

…then read on!

Corporate and employee wellness programs strive to promote a healthy lifestyle for employees, maintain or improve health and wellbeing and prevent or delay the onset of disease through lifestyle management. A growing body of evidence indicates that these programs can change employee’s behavior, improve their biometric risk profile and work productivity, reduce use of and spending for health care services, and achieve a positive return on investment.

The most recent evidence on Employee Wellness Programs is showing that wellness programs are becoming a strategic imperative rather than a “nice extra”. The MD Anderson Cancer Center Wellness Program yielded them an 80% reduction in lost work days, a 64% reduction in modified-duty days, and a decline of 50% in workers’ comp insurance premiums in fewer than six years. Cost savings, calculated by multiplying the reduction in lost work days by average pay rates, totaled $1.5 million. Other studies confirm similar results.

Adoption of these programs has taken off in recent years. There are tax incentives and grants available under recent federal health care legislations and U.S. companies can use wellness programs to save on their enormous health care costs, which are rising with an aging workforce.

The Centers for Disease Control expects to become more visible in grant-making related to worksite health promotion by expanding the existing Prevention Research Center program funded through the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the Worklife Centers for Excellence funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The new Prevention and Public Health Trust Fund that was established as part of health reform is slated to begin dispersing $2 billion annually by 2015, and worksite wellness is one of the top issues for the advisory panel making recommendations for how these funds will be spent. There are also a number of private organizations interested in funding employee wellness programs with tracking and research initiatives to show return on investment for the company and behavioral and health change in the employee.

While interest in wellness programs is strong, many employers struggle with questions of implementation. At Healthy Life Solutions, we work with corporations and organizations by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your workplace needs to create and implement new wellness programs or provide adjunct services to established wellness programs. We are dedicated to helping each individual achieve their healthiest potential in all areas of their life, while at the same time helping them to manage and improve specific chronic diseases.

Some of the areas we emphasize include: (This is not a comprehensive list)

Our wellness programs promote program engagement through several strategies including:

  • Health Assessment- depending on the organization’s size and goals, we have three levels of health assessment from a 224 item systems survey assessment to more sophisticated labs of blood work, saliva testing, hair analysis and nutritional testing.
  • Tailored and personalized interventions focus on encouraging physical activity and good nutrition, smoking cessation, stress management and achieving a healthy weight.
  • We work with the organization to provide financial and non-financial incentives for the individual and other incentives that feed into morale boosting with friendly competition between departments.
  • Multimodal communication and intervention delivery strategies is accomplished by small group meetings, lectures delivered over the phone and internet and recorded so that individuals can elect where and when to receive the trainings on the varying subjects at their convenience. Regular emails keep information at employee’s fingertips and in their awareness for better compliance.
  • Health mentoring or coaching will help participants develop skills to apply what they learn from the lectures into their daily lives and their family lives.
  • Specific nutritional interventions including whole food sources and supplementation based on the health assessment is recommended for each participant.
  • Proven strategies for overall health and wellness as well as specific disease interventions are given with a built in feedback loop to continue to fine tune their health and wellness over and over again throughout their lifetime.

Where most employee wellness programs need support is in leadership engagement and supportive organizational culture and work environment.

Healthy Life Solutions works with the corporate team to include corporate values that promote employee wellbeing, a healthy physical environment, and an emphasis on wellness from senior, mid-level and even frontline management.

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