Christine Alejandro 220 Word Bio

Christine Alejandro is a nutritional psychotherapist who founded Healthy Life Solutions, an organization dedicated to helping people achieve their healthiest potential in body, mind and spirit.

Christine works with people who are tired of not feeling their best, who are ready for a change and want to live a healthy, well-balanced life. She invested years in training, research and studying with top doctors and experts in holistic health to discover many of the secrets of what makes us sick and how to heal naturally. Christine has experience working in the corporate environment, hospitals, schools; one-on-one and in groups with clients.

Christine uses the unique combination of being a psychotherapist and a nutritionist to bring health and wellness into her clients’ lives holistically. She utilizes the principles of ancient knowledge, traditional wisdom, and the latest research from science, spirituality and psychology to create breakthrough systems that result in her clients’ success.

Christine’s presentation provides a spark that catalyzes and empowers individuals to understand that the power to heal lies within. She is an inspirational, insightful, engaging and instructive speaker and trainer who gives people on the spot tools that will serve them for a lifetime. Christine utilizes nutrition, whole food supplementation and lifestyle modifications as a primary way to uproot disease and restore the natural balance and harmony within each unique individual.