Need To Detox?

Signs of needing to detox: Unable to lose weight Generalized fatigue Poor circulation, edema Poly-systemic complaints Recurrent infections Industrial or occupational exposure Chemical sensitivity Bizarre symptoms/history Autism, ADHD, cognitive difficulties Chronic allergies Hormonal dysfunction General malais Fatigue, headache, joint and … Continue reading

Back To School Nutrition

Back to school means back to work and by work, I mean back to the focus and seriousness of committing to a healthy lifestyle. While summer often brings with it an attitude of relaxation and imbibing in things you wouldn’t … Continue reading


Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. Symptoms of diabetes The main symptoms of diabetes are: feeling very thirsty urinating frequently, particularly at night feeling very tired weight loss and loss … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Lose This Weight? Part 2

In Part 1- Why Can’t I Lose This Weight?, we covered what happens when there is excess insulin in the blood stream; it causes sugar cravings, it causes reactive hypoglycemia and it keeps you from losing weight. Here is Part … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Lose This Weight? Part 1

  Blood sugar regulation is so important because when it is dys-regulated, it starts the vicious cycle of chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone imbalance, weight gain and the inability to lose weight, mood swings, hypoglycemia,hyperglycemia, high triglycerides and those ever present … Continue reading