Back To School Nutrition

Back To School Nutrition & Healthy Routines

Back To School Nutrition & Healthy Routines

Back to school means back to work and by work, I mean back to the focus and seriousness of committing to a healthy lifestyle. While summer often brings with it an attitude of relaxation and imbibing in things you wouldn’t usually- a few more desserts, a few more drinks- back to school time brings with it routine, buckling down and getting back on track.

In our upcoming blogs, you will find a series on what it means to adopt “nutrition” as a path to take control and improve your health.  I work with doctors who want their patients to do as much as they can to improve their health and stay healthy on their own. 

Doctors with Limited Time

Health coaches and nutritional counselors, like myself, serve the purpose of being an extension of the doctor because busy doctors don’t have the time to educate and actively support patients in their efforts to learn about how to achieve the healthiest incarnation of themselves.

So as your children go back to school, considered taking yourself back to school by following this blog and learning about how nutrition can minimize or reverse conditions like inflammation, digestive problems, food allergies, mood disorders, hormones, menopause, thyroid problems, blood sugar issues, sleep disorders, allergies, heart and circulatory health, cellular health, fatigue, aging and many more health issues that we don’t have space to name.

It’s going to be a busy and exciting fall, with blogs, social media tweets, book clubs, Facebook groups, webinars, challenges and much more so get ready to re-commit to achieving your best health ever!

Two tips I will leave you with to get started are as follows:

1. Go out and purchase a Fitbit or Jawbone or some device to track your movement, sleep, mood, and food.  If you get a Jawbone, you can join my team- just search for ceelejandro and add me to your team.

2.  Start reading Grain Brain by David Perlmutter and join in the discussion on our private Facebook page.  Just “friend” me on Facebook at Christine Alejandro if you are not all ready a friend or private message me and tell me you want to be added to our book club!

Tell me in the comments section of this blog how the back to school time motivates you to get back on track with your health and fitness and what topics you would like to see addressed that would be most helpful to you!


About Christine

Christine works with people who are tired of not feeling their best, who are ready for a change and want to achieve optimal health. Christine uses the unique combination of being a psychotherapist and a nutritionist to bring health and wellness into her clients' lives holistically. She utilizes the principles of The Vital Health Formula™, modern assessment techniques, and the latest research from science, spirituality and psychology to create breakthrough systems that result in her clients' success.

7 thoughts on “Back To School Nutrition

    • Gina, get that FitBit out and use it! I think you will like it and it is very motivating! I have a client who just got a jawbone for her birthday and she suffers from multiple auto-immune disorders and has gone from barely making 500 steps a day to surpassing 4,000! She’s sleeping better because she is moving more and she’s eating better because the activity makes her hungry and the additional eating gives her more energy and she lost 9 pounds! All because of a little tracking system! I know you know how powerful tracking systems can be because you are the queen of tracking systems!

  1. Back to school often means we’re struggling to find good things for our son to eat. Every year I find myself amazed. This year he came home with candy sugar coated raisins that the school had in the fruit section! He is 13 and knows better. So we have told him that we will not fund eating that type of “fruit” and reviewed what we believe is a healthy meal at school vs what the school delivers covered in sugar.

    We continue to be vegetable deficient in our home, so that is a continued goal. Since I’m allergic to many of the standard veggies I am learning to get creative.
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    • Snacks for kids is often a difficult delimna. They burn a lot of calories and need to snack frequently. I am always fighting the relatives (my husband mainly) who give our nieces and nephews candy and ice cream for snacks. I keep a variety of nuts, nut butters, raisins, fruit, gluten free mini-pretzels and even baked Lays potato chips (hey they are better than some snacks!), raw veggies, protein shakes, chicken, ham, gluten free crackers-just to name a few. They are good eaters at meals eating their meat and veggies, but they still need those snacks. Biogenesis is a company that has good protein bars that are free from all allergens and I rely on those quite a bit as well.

  2. I LOVE veggies — my frustration is that the produce at my local grocery store is pretty nasty. And the nearest really GOOD produce store is 40 minutes away!

    To compensate, I use my freezer. A LOT. I get high-quality organic veggies when they are in season and then freeze them. It’s not a wonderful as fresh but it’s better than nothing at all!

    I also ALWAYS keep some easy go-to snacks and meals at my house. This includes stuff to make hummus (I eat it with a spoon) and eggs.
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