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Do you want to remain active and have the energy
to do all the things you want to do?

Are you interested in keeping a healthy body
and avoiding health challenges as you age?

Do you want to be around for your spouse
and family for a long time?

Do you want to be able to relax and enjoy life?

Then take a minute to read about the transformation in your health and wellness that can be possible for you at Healthy Life Solutions…

My clients tell me that they first come to work with me because they want to know the facts about what nutrients they need specifically to help them control symptoms, have more energy, lose weight and live longer. They end up telling me about how much more of a transformation they make in their lives because of the information and support they receive through the Healthy Life Solution’s programs.

My goal at Healthy Life Solutions is to encourage each client to achieve their healthiest potential in every area of their life; body, mind, emotion and spirit. My clients have told me that there is no other place where they can address their health issues so specifically and seamlessly move into working on personal and emotional issues, breaking through old limiting beliefs and opening up new possibilities for themselves. They especially like the group support that they receive as well as the training in topics ranging from A to Z, depending on the specific needs of the group.

Some of the training topics include:

Body: Obesity/Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Regulation, Adrenal, Thyroid and Pituitary Health, Allergies (Air born and Food), Digestive Health, Cardiovascular Health, Auto immune Disorders, Men’s Sexual Health, Women’s Sexual Health, Winter Essentials to Avoid Colds & Flu, Sports Nutrition, Pregnancy & Fertility, Children’s Health, and much more…

Mind: Chronic Stress, Nutrition and Depression, Nutrition and Anxiety, Changing Negative Thinking, and much more…

Emotion: Identifying & Changing Limiting Beliefs, Dealing with Difficult People, Money Consciousness, and much more…

Spirit: Discovering Your Passions, How to Move into the Vibrational Frequency of Health & Wellness, and much more.

Healthy Life Solution’s health and wellness programs promote program engagement through several strategies including:

  • Health Assessment – depending on the level you wish to participant, there are three levels of health assessment from a 224 item Systems Survey assessment to more sophisticated labs of blood work, saliva testing, hair analysis, nutritional and muscle testing.
  • Intervention – Tailored and personalized interventions focus on encouraging physical activity and good nutrition, smoking cessation, stress management and achieving a healthy weight.
  • Multimodal communication and intervention delivery strategies is accomplished by small group meetings, lectures delivered over the phone and internet and recorded so that individuals can elect where and when to receive the trainings on the varying subjects at their convenience. Regular videos and emails keep information at the client’s fingertips and in their awareness for better compliance.
  • Health mentoring or coaching through forums and face book groups will help participants develop skills to apply what they learn from the lectures into their daily lives.
  • Specific nutritional interventions including whole food sources and supplementation based on the health assessment is recommended for each participant.
  • Proven strategies for overall health and wellness as well as specific disease interventions are given with a built in feedback loop to continue to fine tune their health and wellness over and over again throughout their lifetime.

Healthy Life Solutions offers several ways for you to participate:

1. Level 1- “Getting Started”–2 private sessions with Christine, Systems Survey Assessment, The Perfect Nutritional Diet, 1-30 day General Health Pack, Free Gift, Monthly E-zine, Blogs, and a computerized report of findings specific to your needs.

(Retail – $335- Call for special pricing and up to a 41% discount for a limited time!)

2. Level 2- “Learn & Do!”–Includes Level 1 “Getting Started” program PLUS an educational process that will give you the tools to learn about your body.  Six monthly trainings delivered over the phone and internet and recorded so that individuals can elect where and when to receive the trainings on the varying subjects at their convenience.

(Retail – $935 – Call for special pricing and up to a 57% discount for a limited time!)

3. Level 3–“The VIP Exclusive” – Includes all of both Levels 1 and 2 PLUS a full half day of assessment with Christine, 6 one-on-one sessions with Christine over 6 months, supplements for 6 months, a private Facebook page to ask questions and share successes with other VIP clients and feedback from Christine, Special Events, a Private Retreat at Christine’s home, Event Tickets, and more!

(Retail  – $7,750 – Call for special pricing and up to a 35% discount for a limited time!)

To find out more about each of these programs and get help with which one might be right for you, click here:  Free “Healthy Life Discovery Session”.

Blossom Into Healthy Living

Blossom Into Healthy Living